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The Complimentary Body Angle

The cutting edge of designing complimentary forms to balance the perfect imperfection (the human body and face). Our Body and Face are a collection of geometric and curved lines blended together, because of that there is not a completion of either. Therefore your Body and Face being a perfect design of imperfection, make it almost impossible to determine an accurate measurement of balance.

After years of teaching the understanding of face shapes and opposing forms, we found this area to be subjective. Everyone has a different opinion on what square or heart shaped is. ASIS has discovered a formula that solves this challenge, “The Complimentary Body Angle.”

“The Complimentary Body Angle” is a reading or measurement of imperfection taken from your own Body and Face. So by using a measurement or reading of nature we are able to design a form in direct proportion and optical relation to your Face and Body.

Benefits of the Complimentary Body Angle.
• Able to be found within 30 seconds
• Easy to apply and understand
• Naturally pleasing to our eye